Submissions Closed

Does my submission have to be about belonging and the university, or can it be about belonging more generally?

It can be about belonging in the most general sense. The project is entitled belonging and the post-pandemic university, but to cultivate a greater sense of belonging, we must first understand belonging. 

Can my submission be published anonymously?

Yes. We recognise that belonging is deeply personal and would be happy to support those who wish to remain anonymous. We will require a name and contact details at the submission stage. Still, in selecting ‘I wish my submission to be published anonymously,’ we will ensure that your submission will be published as ‘anonymous’.

When will I know if my submission has been shortlisted for NCAD’s Bureau+ programme?

A Results of shortlisting will be announced by the end of February 2023. Even if your submission is not shortlisted, we hope to incorporate each submission into the exhibition and a publication. The authors will be contacted with further information about this in spring 2023.